Sorry massages for friend

I am sorry my friend


Sorry Messages for Friends : Friendships break apart and friends fall out over the silliest of reasons. If your friendships needs a little bit of TLC – set things right with sweet quotes and cute handwritten notes. Tag your bestie on Facebook and Twitter in apologies that reek regret. Go the extra mile by scribbling your apology out on a greeting card. Gossip, being made fun of, talking behind someone’s back or being mean – whatever the reason for your friendship going sour, don’t let a good friend walk away. Never let your stupid ego get in the way of apologizing to your friends. Friendships are too precious… don’t let yours become just another memory. so just send a sorry massage to friend,


We may not have spoken since a long time. But nothing can steal the memories away from you and me. I miss you, my friend. Life tore us apart, but no matter where I am or what I’m doing, there is always a place in my heart, just for you.


I know you will eventually forget the ungrateful things that I said. But I will never forget how nice you were to me, even after I was so rude to you. Thanks for being a real friend, I am sorry.

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I am sorry I haven’t been in touch since quite a while but I have been really busy. But I seek comfort in the fact that our friendship is so beautiful that even if we speak after many months, it will be just like we spoke yesterday.


As my best friend, I know you have the right to demand an apology. As your best friend, I hope you know I have the right to demand forgiveness. I am sorry.

Sorry massage for friend

Sometimes I take you for granted, but I promise it’s only because I feel that you are the only one in the whole world who will understand me for who I am. I’m sorry.


I know that I hurt you. I hope you understand why I need to hid the truth. It something complicated but believe me it hurts me too. You are my friend and I’m willing to do anything for your forgiveness. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Please forgive me!


Sorry is the only word I got here. But my tears means the whole world. Sorry my dear friend!


I know how you feel after knowing the truth. Sometimes I need to lie for our better friendship. I hope the time will come that you understand me well. Sorry friend, that’s all I can do right now.


Friends are treasures
I don’t want lose mine
My dear friend
I am sorry for what I do


Friend you are special
And my all in you
I had all pleasures by you
I am really sorry

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My friend I want to say you sorry
On all my deeds what I gad do
Forgive me please my dear

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I do all wrong with you
And I know later
So please forgive me
I am here to apology


Dear friend
I hurt you a lot
Which make you teared
I apology to yo
Forgive me please


My friend I m ashamed
On my yesterday’s mistake
Please forgive me for this
I apology and say you sorry


I never meant to insult you. I never meant to make fun of you. I am sorry that my words hurt you. I will do everything it takes to make it up to you. I promise.


I will never lie to you again, I will never cause you any more pain. From now on I will be extremely cautious, because our friendship is too precious. Please forgive me.


I apologise not because I am wrong but because I value our relationship more than my ego.


I won’t say a word. The sweetest apologies are never said with the mouth but felt in the heart. I am sorry.


I’m very sorry for all the lies I told you. It just so happened that it was so complicated. But I swear, I didn’t meant to hurt you. My friend, I was about to tell you everything and nothing but the whole truth. I’m so sorry!


I want you to know how sorry I’am. I feel bad but believe me that I had no choice, keeping the truth in me is the only way to protect you. i hope you will understand me then. It is not my intention to hurt you. You are my friend and I love you. I’m very sorry.


I don’t know how but I want to gain your trust again. I need to hide the truth from you for some reasons. The situation was very complicated, I hope you understand. I did it not just for my own good but for you too. Again, I’m sorry!


I’m sorry my dear friend. I just don’t what to do. But I swear, I did tried my best to tell all to you. I promise to be a better friend for you.

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My friend, I didn’t mean to upset you. I lied because I have to in order to save our friendship. I hope you understand. I wish to see you to explain everything to you.


Friendships break and fall apart sometimes over the silliest reasons. Don’t let your friendship break. If you have made a mistake, simply go ahead and apologise. Say sorry with a heartfelt sorry message now.


To help you seek forgivness from your dear friend here is an excellent collection of sample sorry messages for friends to choose from. Read on to find the perfect I am sorry message for friends.


Sorry for being such a jerk. I know you can only tolerate so much. Forgive me. It won’t happen again. Ever.


I’m not losing you as my best friend. My immaturity is just in the way. I will change for the better to keep our friendship. I’m sorry.


I didn’t mean to annoy you and my prank just went too far. Sorry if I caused you much hurt. Forgive me please.


It was unfair of me to keep you in the dark. I thought I was doing you a favor. Forgive me for my mess. I’m so sorry I caused you some hurt.


The damage is done and it’s all because of me being a jerk. I’m so sorry for what happened. Please forgive me.


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